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Want to begin Mastering the Spanish subjunctive? Try the first 5 lessons of Mastering the Spanish Subjunctive, Volume 1, and see if this course is right for you.

CLICK HERE TO TRY MASTERING THE SPANISH SUBJUNCTIVE. This link will take you to the online course. When you register you get access to the first 5 lessons.

If you find these lessons to be TOO easy for you, later lessons are more challenging as they cover the other tenses (present perfect, imperfect and past perfect subjunctive).

If you find these lessons to be TOO challenging after just one listen, this is a good thing. Remember to ride the pause button on your MP3 player if you need more time to answer. Please try each lesson up to 5 times over the course of 10 days. If after the 5th time you are still struggling to answer correctly, then you probably aren’t ready for this course yet.

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Mastering the Spanish Subjunctive Free Lessons

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