Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

Learning Spanish Like Crazy is an audio-based learning program, available in 3 levels (beginner and intermediate). Each level has 30 audio lessons that range between 20 – 35 minutes in duration. The audios come with a complete transcript, but there are no explanations about the grammar or other supplemental material.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy emphasizes Spanish from Latin America instead of Spain. The native Spanish speakers in the recordings are from Latin America. The audios are a series of Listen and Repeat exercises based around a scripted dialogue. The user is asked to remember a word, or is challenged to come up with a way to express something in Spanish. After a pause, the correct answer is given with another pause allowing the listener to repeat the answer and mimic the pronunciation of the native Spanish speaker. This helps build pronunciation skills, and early conversation skills (by practicing recall).

Since Learning Spanish Like Crazy is an audio-only program, they are great for developing aural skills. They serve as an excellent supplement to other text-based comprehensive programs the learner may be using, as basic concepts are reinforced within a new and different context. So which level is right for you?


Level 1 is designed for beginners. There is no time spent on micro-pronunciation (vowels and consonants), so coming into level 1 already having studied basic pronunciation will be a great benefit. The grammar isn’t really explained either, so knowing some grammar in advance, at least beginning level grammar basics, is also recommended, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Learning Like Crazy Level 1 is great for getting used to the syntax of Spanish as well as seeing how the grammar you’ve learned is put into actual use. It is also beneficial for developing basic aural skills, building basic vocabulary, practicing simple verb conjugations, and macro-pronunciation (longer sentence structures). This is not a stand-alone program. Rather it is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with a more comprehensive program.


Level 2 is designed for the advanced beginner or early intermediate student and they should find it challenging. You get practice with more advanced grammar, like the present subjunctive tense. Advanced students may pick up a few things but they will probably not be that challenged.

Both levels come with a variety of extra bonus programs. And you may be able to buy the two together for a discounted price.

I purchased level 2 first and was challenged (in a good way) by it. I later bought level 1 because I wanted some of the bonuses that came with level 1. I worked my way through level 1, and though I wasn’t that challenged by it, I did learn some valuable vocabulary and phrases. It was still a worthwhile workout.


Many of the lessons end with the narrator saying, “If you were able to get 80% of the responses correct, you are ready to move on to the next lesson.” I would say 95% would be a better gauge, but monitoring the actual percentage of correct answers just isn’t practical, or for most, even possible. Since I feel repetition is so important, even if you are getting most of the answers right, I recommend making 2 passes through the set of audio lessons. On the first pass, listen to each lesson 5 times before moving on, never more than once on the same day. After you complete this, go back to the beginning and listen to each 5 times again, but never to the same lesson consecutively. Here is a sample order that considers level 2 which begins on Lesson 31:
Day 1 = Lesson 31
Day 2 = Lesson 32
Day 3 = Lesson 33
Day 4 = Lesson 31
Day 5 = Lesson 32
Day 6 = Lesson 33
Day 7 = Lesson 34 etc.

Another way to chart it would be 31, (repeat) 31, 32, 31, 32, 33, 31, 32, 33, 34, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, etc.

With this approach you are spreading each lesson out in time, coming back to it fresh after a break. It’s also not so important to do only one per day, so if you have time and feel like doing more than one per day, that is also a great way to do it.

Some of the lessons may be too simple for you to want to do them so many times. Beginner students my not need to do LSLC1 5 times on a second pass, but 3 times each lesson may make more sense. If you are an intermediate level student, you may not find the LSLC1 lessons challenging enough, until towards the end of the series. So gauge how you are challenged and start from there. Remember that repetition is the most important thing. As children, learning our own language, we had to repeat things endlessly, so that we would absolutely never forget. These drills have the same effect when learning Spanish.

After the 2nd pass, especially for LSLC2, I recommend going through the lessons consecutively, just one at a time. And then after that, randomly shuffling through them with your iPod or media player. You really do get a lot of mileage out of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy programs, especially level 2 with all the bonus audio lessons that come with it.

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