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Welcome to my blog! I have been working hard on writing my book Teaching Yourself Spanish and I’m excited to say it should be completed soon. I’m saying by mid-July 2010.

My idea, at first, was to create a website for the book. But that idea has expanded to not only feature the book, but to be a sort of one-stop resource for Spanish learners, featuring links to various products as well as this blog. Here I will be reviewing new products as I discover them. If you have a product you would like me to review, please contact me.

I am also working on developing some of my own programs that I feel will serve a niche for the intermediate level and advanced level learner. There are plenty of products for beginners. Companies know that many beginners purchase a product on an impulse buy, or they underestimate how hard it is to really learn a language. There are way more potential customers who are beginners, then those who move on to intermediate and advanced levels. That is true for any language. So that’s why there are so few programs available for us serious Spanish learners.

As for all the beginner programs out there, how on earth do you choose one? If you are a beginner reading this, my advice is to identify what your goals are. Do you want to prepare for a vacation and learn a few words and phrases to get by? There are plenty of programs for you, and I have featured many on my RESOURCES page. They are all probably very useful to meet that goal.

However, if you want to really learn the language, and communicate fluently, you have to realize that it takes time, effort, and patience. There isn’t a single program out there, despite the sales pitches, that will make you fluent. You really have to use a variety of programs that specialize in different learning areas. The most important thing to master first is pronunciation. Then focus on grammar. You will learn a bit of useful vocabulary along the way, but you will attain fluency more rapidly by putting off learning unnecessary vocabulary words and the temptation to jump into conversations. Spanish pronunciation and grammar are easy. They just take patience and practice.

My book will show you the quickest path to fluency. So be sure to check it out before investing in any programs. If you just want to learn a little bit of conversational Spanish and don’t care about sounding like a “gringo”, then my book isn’t for you. I don’t mean to sound condescending here. That’s just the way native Spanish speakers will view you when you try to say a few words or phrases and think you are speaking Spanish.

Be sure to visit the BUY THE BOOK page and send me your email in the contact form, if you would like to know when the book is available. I will also be posting my next blog when it is, so RSS if you like.


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Try Mastering the Spanish Subjunctive For Free

Want to begin Mastering the Spanish subjunctive? Try the first 5 lessons of Mastering the Spanish Subjunctive, Volume 1, and see if this course is right for you.

CLICK HERE TO TRY MASTERING THE SPANISH SUBJUNCTIVE. This link will take you to the online course. When you register you get access to the first 5 lessons.

If you find these lessons to be TOO easy for you, later lessons are more challenging as they cover the other tenses (present perfect, imperfect and past perfect subjunctive).

If you find these lessons to be TOO challenging after just one listen, this is a good thing. Remember to ride the pause button on your MP3 player if you need more time to answer. Please try each lesson up to 5 times over the course of 10 days. If after the 5th time you are still struggling to answer correctly, then you probably aren’t ready for this course yet.

I welcome your feedback below!

Mastering the Spanish Subjunctive Free Lessons

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